Classroom Library

One thing I get from my mom is resource hoarding. She mostly taught preschool, but has hoarded books for most grades for years. One summer she put up book shelves near the top of the room I shared with my sister the store them. Any required school reading book she was likely to have 5 copies of. Many of the books have “Hernandez” written on the top, which is a bit confusing because there is a Mrs. Hernandez at my school and I am Mrs. Koch.Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 8.41.22 PM

My school uses AR or “accelarated reader” in language arts classes. Students can read almost any book they like and earn points for taking quizzes. I made stickers for my books so students would know the AR points and reading level (and also know not to return to Mrs. Hernandez’ room):

I used the myAvery design studio to create the labels. They are Avery 8164 Inkjet 3-1/3″x4″ sticker shipping labels, and worked out great.


I was hoping to have time to organize my bookshelf to put all the duplicate copies together, and possibly sort by reading level, but time got away from me this year.

If you have a classroom library I’d love your insights and pictures in the comments 🙂

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