NotatISTE overwhelmed

Yesterday was a little crazy for me. I watched #coffeeEDU live through Google Hangouts on Air

Here is @edtechyoda’s post about it.¬†#notatISTE16 #coffeeEDU

Overwhelmed. I wish life would stop for 4 days so I could live through social media in the #notatISTE16 craziness.

But, being that the world keeps spinning, I am doing my best to keep up between obligations and silly things like sleep and meals.

Here are some of my tips:


  • turn on notifications
  • follow the right people (especially @AmazonEDU, @craigyen, @tonyvincent)
  • if you catch a broadcast live, watch on your mobile device, not laptop. You cannot comment or give hearts from the laptop/desktop version.
  • @tonyvincent is a Periscope pro. In fact he has a whole website surrounding his broadcasts¬†


  • push to talk “walkie talkie” type app
  • ask to join a group
    • Edumatch
    • notatISTE
  • turn off notifications
  • be aware, you need to turn off location sharing if you do not want to constantly be broadcasting your location online.


  • check out this awesome blog about getting set up on Flipboard.
  • Here is an image of my Flipboard Twitter screen. Tip: use on your tablet for most visually appealing and easy to navigate interface.
  • IMG_0871.PNG


#notatISTE16 Livebinder <= great place to go for resources!

Back to being overwhelmed… there are so many streams I am trying to follow at once, and so many awesome resources. You just can’t do it all.

My resolution: jump into live Periscope sessions, check in on Voxer from time to time, and know that many of the resources will still be around after ISTE.

One app that was shared with me through #notatISTE16 is Bitmoji. Here’s a farewell example:









2 thoughts on “NotatISTE overwhelmed

  1. Thanks for the posting and all the great tips. And I love the Bitmoji. I’m going to have to go find that one!

  2. Great roundup of tools to connect with, and groups/people to seek out! Hope your first experience with #NotatISTE has been great so far! Remember that so many of these resources are archived online now–it’s not all as ephemeral as it used to be! The Livebinders page will be invaluable (Thank you Peggy!) and most of the Periscopes should stick around. Connect, learn and share!

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