Google Forms and Voting

So, I voted yesterday. Typically the night before election day my husband and I sit down and go through all the endorsement flyers sent to us in the mail. This time election day fell in finals week for my husband so I was on my own. I decided to use a Google Form to sort through all the mailers.

I vote by mail, so I had my ballot. I created a Google form with each office and measure listed. At first I used the multiple choice question type for all offices. But I soon discovered that the multiple choice option was not sufficient for one office where you were supposed to choose up to six. Note: The multiple choice question type only allows for one answer selection.

CA Primary 2016To fix the problem all I had to do was go back to the form and change the type to check box. This allowed me to select as many options as I would like.

Google Forms Check Boxes

Google has update Forms since last time I used it and I couldn’t be happier. Instead of looking through a spreadsheet to determine the results, there is a great graphical interface available at the touch of a button.

CA Primary 2016

Here is how the checkbox question type displays answers:

Checkbox responses

And here is how the multiple choice question responses are displayed:

Multiple Choice Responses

There were 34 senatorial candidates so you have to click the down arrow 5 times to see the whole legend. Google chose 34 mostly distinguishable colors. (It was hard to tell exactly what shade of orange that was) If you hover over a sector of the pie chart a pop up tell which Candidate is represented by that sector and how many responses they got.

Take aways:

For multiple response questions use check boxes.

Love, love, love the improvements to Google Forms.

Note: All images made possible by SnagIt.



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