Google Slides vs. Powerpoint

I’ve been creating my presentations in Google Slides lately. Here is what I like about it:

  • Upload image via URL – I use SnagIt a lot and this is easier than the process I have to use with putting my SnagIt images in Powerpoint or Word (Bonus: while writing this blog I found out this feature is also available on WordPress)
  • Share easily with colleagues and my different google accounts
  • Variety of interesting templates
A few of the Google Slides templates
  • Simple user interface
  • Insert – Special Character – You can draw the character and all the characters that look like it pop up. It’s amazing!
Here is what the insert special character screen looked like when I was trying to find the greater than or equal to symbol.
  • Students have access – we use Chromebooks, which can access google slides, but not PowerPoint.

One advantage of PowerPoint is the Present mode. The presentation automatically populates to my projector, which is set up as screen 2 on my computer. I can see the current slide, the next slide, and a timer from my computer. Whit Google Slides, I have to move the tab with the presenation off my screen so it will show on the projector, then I have to turn around and try to navigate from my desk looking backwards at the projector screen behind me. This is a real pain.

I put in a request to see if I could get a second monitor that would show me the projector screen. I’m crossing my fingers to see what happens.

Here are two of my presentations:

Properties of Real Numbers in Geometry


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