New Beginnings

I just completed my first full week with students at Katella High School. I joined the team late and missed the teacher work days and all the meetings that go along with that, so I’m still trying to get my bearings. On top of that I’m switching from traditional (Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II) to Integrated Math.

I met with my cousin who happens to be a veteran math teacher at a different High School in the district and she helped me get more of a feel for how the Integrated Math was organized. We are using the Carnegie Learning consumable text books, which I have really liked so far. [Note: Common Core refers to the courses as Integrated Math 1, 2, and 3 at the High School level, however my district is a 7-12 district and opted to rename 7th grade math as Math 1, 8th grade math as Math 2, leaving the three High School level courses renamed Math 3, 4, and 5.] The Math 3 course is about 1 full semester (7 chapters) of Algebra content followed by 4 chapters of Geometry and 4 chapters of Statistics. There is a lot of spiraling in the Integrated Math 1, 2, 3 course sequence. Math 4 starts of with Geometry (10 chapters) and then returns to Algebra, covering factoring and quadratics. My school just started Integrated Math last year ago, so this is the first year they are teaching Math 4.

Additionally, my Math 4 classes are exclusively 11th grade students who have failed math at least 1 year in high school. The goal of grouping these students together is to really focus on preparing for the SBAC test by getting students used to doing math with technology. I have a Chromebook cart housed in my room.

Several teachers have stopped by to introduce themselves and offer help. I am looking forward to my first all staff meeting on Tuesday, followed by the first department meeting. (I haven’t actually met all the teachers in my department yet, and some I’ve met I can’t remember names of.)

I am very excited and optimistic about this year. It’s great not to be in my first year of teaching any more. I am also really enjoying being on a traditional schedule, rather than block.

I hope to continue to update my blog with how things go this year.

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