Finals Approach

For the past few weeks students have been asking what they can do to raise their grade. Today I finished grading the last test before the final. It was on Systems of Equations. My four class averages ranged from 58% to 72%. I was not too happy with those results. The students received a study guide that matched the test question for question. I did each question with the students the class before then test, then immediately before the test asked them in they had questions, “What questions on number 1-3?”, etc. Obviously there were questions that went unstated.

I am encouraging my students to come in before school for extra help, but few do.

Today I took the time to print out the individual grade book pages for any failing student that could conceivably pass the class if they only turned in all their missing assignments and complete the test corrections they were eligible for. I highlighted the missing assignments and wrote nice notes with smiley faces. There were 2 students with so many missing assignments that just turning them all in would raise their grade from an F to a C.

I plan on calling the parents of students who get the print outs during prep on Thursday. I plan on telling them their students have the opportunity to pass the class, if only they turn in all their work and complete their test corrections. I would really like to see the vast majority of my students pass Algebra.


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