Sunday 3-2-1

Browsing on Twitter I ran across #MTBOSchallenge


I haven’t gone back far enough yet to see what the Week 1 prompt was, but I know that it is currently Week 2, and you can post a 3-2-1 Sunday summary. 

3 things I am super excited about: 

1. The amazing and supportive team of teachers at my school. I even get to work with a teacher whose class I observed in in 2006! I am so grateful for being chosen to be part of this team. I only hope I can help contribute as much one day as these teachers have helped me so far this year.

2. Twitter. Not only did I find the #MTBOSchallenge, but I found a visual patterns notes template on @pamjwilson ‘s blog the radical rational. I was planning on using visual patterns weekly as warmups. I didn’t have a template though, and now I do!

3. My husband. I left my phone at his mom’s yesterday. He graciously offered to drive back to pick it up today. She lives 42 miles away. Of course, he had to joke that I’d just have to learn to live without my phone for the whole week. He also let me buy new clothes and school decorations. I haven’t worked since starting student teaching in the Spring and he has been extremely supportive through the whole process of student teaching, summer school, job search, and getting geared up for the new year.

2 things on my to-do list

1. Nail down first day of school activities. I want to review classroom expectations and norms, policies and procedures, of course. I also want to have the students interact with the 8 Standards of Mathematical Practice. (I’m going to sneak in another thing I’m super excited about: the awesome 8 posters, one for each Standard of Mathematical Practice, that the district is providing.) Should I do an ice breaker or get to know you activity?

2. Set up my room. The room was still occupied by the teacher who had the room last year. He has been hosting some sort of math camp and hasn’t gotten to pack yet. 

1 thing I’m looking forward to

1. The district’s Professional Development Academy. I printed out my personal schedule. I’m taking 4 3-hour classes over 2 days. Statistics in Secondary Math, Cooperative Learning Groups, School Loop, and My Big Campus.



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