Response to: 59 Real-Life Thoughts I Had on the First Day

I found @loveteachblog ‘s awesome post entitled: 59 Real-Life Thoughts I Had on the First Day through @edutopia ‘s twitter post. Here is the link

I started to write a comment on @loveteachblog ‘s post, but it got kinda long, so I thought I’d make my response a post on my own blog.

1. This post is totally hilarious.

2. The debate about what to wear is one that went through my mind as well. I consulted my husband who HATES dressing up and he advised jeans and a somewhat nice tshirt. Turns out I fit in quite well with my attire.

3. Now what to wear to the New Teacher Orientation is a whole other enchilada. District Higher Ups will be there. Do I wear my “interview outfit” if so, 1st interview outfit of 2nd interview outfit. I was kind of thinking of wearing my second interview outfit on the first day of school since it is a coordinating pants/blazer combo. It’s grey plaid with pink as an accent color with a matching pink button up shirt. Will I be way overdressed?

4. I take notes on my iPad which makes doodling much harder. Maybe I’ll opt for the legal pad instead. I usually doodle a crosshatch pattern to make it look like there are lines woven in the paper. I make the pattern by doing a series of 3 vertical lines followed by 3 horizontal lines, repeat ad nauseum.(I looked ad nauseum up to make sure I spelled it right. Here’s the definition: to the point of nausea.)

Here’s my own start of the year experience so far:

We’ve had 2 math training sessions, one that was open to the whole district and was at another school site, and one that was at my school site. Both were lead by out District TOSA (Teacher on Special Assignment) for Secondary Math. I think she’s awesome and the training time was really helpful, particularly in that they passed out the extra resources for unit 1 in both the Algebra and Geometry. This is a life saver since I don’t yet have my district email and won’t have access to the district Edmodo account until I get that.

Today I got to meet up with 5 of the 8 geometry teachers for next year and hash out Unit 1. It was really helpful to get veteran teachers experience on what could be accomplished reasonably in out early out vs block days. We mapped out unit 1. Yippee.



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