Algebra Touch

This post is a review of the iOS and Windows app: Algebra Touch. You can find a video about the app as well as links to the app in the App Store and Windows store here: Algebra Touch. The app is $2.99 with no lite or free version.

There are 8 topics within the app:

  • Simplify
  • Like Terms
  • Multiply then Add
  • Factors
  • Elimination
  • Equations
  • Distribution
  • Exponents

and Create Your Own

It was pretty fun to just tap or drag and have the app do all the arithmetic for you. I can see this being very helpful for students with arithmetic skill gaps. They can learn the rules of Algebra without stressing over what 6×7 is.

The only topic I have some technical difficulty figuring out how to get the app to do what I wanted was Exponents, but I clicked on the help button and was able to figure it out after too long.

Where I see a lot of potential in the app is the ability to create your own problems. Students could, theoretically type in their homework problem and check their work by answering the problem in the app.

There is also a Share problem button with quick problem that works with AirDrop. A teacher would also share a problem with the class in a 1:1 iPad classroom.



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