On Saturday June 21st, I attended EdCampOC at Mendez Fundamental Intermediate School in Santa Ana.

This was my very first EdCamp and I loved it. In the morning I met @mathbutler, Jed Butler, who was a math teacher. He was also an EdCamp veteran.  We started the morning with post-its on a rolling whiteboard. Soon sessions had begun forming based on the post-its. As I was a newbie I did not submit any post-its of my own. There were two types of post-it, without any real way of telling which were which. One was a topic suggested by someone who wanted to share/lead/present, and the other was a topic that someone was hoping an expert would share about.

The first session I went to was on Math and Common Core. @mathbutler took the lead and gave a bevy of resources for teaching Common Core math, as well as experts on the subject to follow on Twitter. The session began with resources for elementary and to use with your own kids (such as the hashtag #TMWYK, talk math with your kids).

The second session I attended with on Discipline, Documentation, and Motivating Students. This session had no expert. There was a teacher looking to find resources to document behavior and other issues that did not require hand entering all of her students into an application. No one knew of a solution for her, but we still had a good conversation about discipline and motivating students.

My third session was on GoogleDocs. We created a google doc to take notes for the session. Unfortunately, I didn’t write down the link in my own notes, and I no longer see the Doc in my Drive.

Overall, I had a great time and would highly recommend EdCamp to anyone interested in technology in education. They are also highly affordable, i.e. free. Not only that, but you meet lots of great, likeminded people. I met @teachingwithsoul, Lisa Dabbs, who runs #ntchat.

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